Kingman Prince's® SAAS
for remote locations on any connected device

Designed for banks, insurance companies, planners, architects, engineers, IT professionals, biologists and geologists.
Kingman Prince® has developed state of the art the project management tools.

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Kingman Prince® mobile apps
for challenging environments ™

Kingman Prince® has developed mobile applications for real-time on-site analysis ™.

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Consumer and Enterprise Applications

Kingman Prince's® mobile and tablet applications provide dynamic project management solutions for businesses and consumers.

Provide Robust Databases and Analytics.

Kingman Prince's® SAAS are tied to an extensive collection of databases, with extensive real time project insights.

Extensive Cloud Based Hosting and Support.

Kingman Prince's® mobile applications are powered by industry leading hosting.

Kingman Prince® Utilizes Software as a Service (SAAS) Platform

Kingman Prince® mobile applications are tied to an SAAS online platform and dashboard.

Pricing Plans

Contact Kingman Prince® for plans and pricing to meet your small, medium or enterprise business requirements.

Extensive support

Kingman Prince® provides extensive support for its entire suite of project management tools.

One of Kingman Prince's® early supporters

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